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Lonely no more.

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In and out of relationship, been on a date, hook up, and random date.... just to fill those void . Marrying my job, make the matter more worst. I know my self that i am a kind of guy need to be in a relationship as i have something to give. Apparently, Egypt great guys are hard to come by. Most of them are a twat, random SOB who looking for a quick release, and maybe a sugar daddy.

I am not looking for those. I am tired of ONS, casual sex i want somebody in my arm in my empty small alone abodement so i can smile to him as i wake up and breakfast on the bed. Miss that feeling.

you can read my longing of love through my blog,

read mac the mechanic, its a blast.

Ahwaa, seems to be the best site for me to channel my loneliness to the crowd, for i do know i can be unforgettable by touching people lives.. Anyone in egypt, cairo or alexandrian area out there?

Longing for lonely no more.

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    Trust me I feel the same way. Flings get tedious and almost sickening after a while. I'm also longing for someone to be able to share everything with. It's hard to come by I agree but the fantasies keep me hopeful and optimistic. I'm sure we will all find that person one day :) Some of us are lucky enough to have found them already...

    • well i am not moping though.. jobs and studies push me through... but in the end of the day.. that longing kiss me back on the cheek toying with me.. nevertheless thanks for the support @reem

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    I think that I have to learn to give myself more space as I've never been single for more than a few months since my teens. I'm missing out on a lot of "alone time" and awkwardly, sometimes I long to be lonely so that I can figure out my life better.

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  • my lonely time is enough. if i am having too much alone time my mind starts to wonder off uncontrolled like last time i suffered depression, mental breakdown and worst- suicides attempts.

    the thing is that, being born different i see life as a fast moving street which made me mature fast mentally and highly independent. but the ups always have its downs and it is- i suffered depression and i started to take anti depressant since i am 12. well now am stopping since i had other matters involved.

    the psych doc. said i need someone special someone that i can put under my skin to slow me down to take a breather because i am not a lone man, i can work alone but hardly live in one.. so... yeah..

    owh.. why we cant see cupid?

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    Hi everyone!

    I believe that forcing oneself to find "the love" will only make you feel more alone. So, you don't have to force yourself to find someone to love. I always say: love will come when you least expect it (I know..everyone says it). But I believe it. There's a difference between saying it and actually believing what you're saying. And it's always at the most silent moments that the puzzle will complete itself. That love will come to you; when you're at peace with yourself. The person you're looking for will continue to hide, not until you stop looking for him/her. Love cannot heal you; unless you are healed yourself. And if you look outside yourself to feel complete; you'll never be complete. Don't look for someone because of the loneliness, but let someone come to you...because of your completeness. When you feel whole..when you feel loved...when you feel at peace with yourself....know that your energy will attract that person you've been waiting for!


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    That's the worst. I agree that too much alone time can cause more isolation which eventually leads to insecurity. It's only very recently that I started gaining more confidence in myself and that's because my social life improved significantly over the last few years.

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  • the problem is that o' dear @reem, you cant just wait until he or she come along. for you have to work it out for if you wait you will miss the chance

    love is blind, love is crazy and love is still 4 letter words, which empowers one being. If you still feel pain due to your past, this is actually because you yourself did not get any closure. Forgive- Forget and Move on is the principle of closure and to top it off the blessing from yourself and your ex is the seal of the closure

    Alas, the person you were looking for actually is just in front of you... the problem is us. I mean the individual itself. life is something you perceive not something you must take for granted. Waiters are losers (not the one in the restaurant ok) all of us should be an opportunist for chances is there all you gotta do is take it (action speaks louder than words) eventhough there will be hell to pay but you will feel better because you know you have done something.

    lets fight for this love

    Mother Monster said it again and again: ME AMORE VO LE FA YAH- Have faith in love.

    Paws up people!

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    It's all about patience. One thing I learned is that it pays to be patient. As long as the will is there anyone can break out of their bubble and start really experiencing love.

  • Love has always come to me immediately once I stopped looking. It just has its way of finding you. This has really boosted my self confidence. I spent my time just living life and building my career that when I stopped actively seeking a relationship, I would find someone amongst friends or in the workplace ... or as the staying goes... "when you least expect it."

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