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I don't know who I am but I do know what I need

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In surfing different sexual orientation. In the site i didn't come to mine , coz simply i don't know it
I always thought that i am straight , got married , had normal sex with a real beautiful girl but wasn't satisfied

Always have fantasies of femdom,strap on , even finding a real transexual or transvestite is a dream for me ,,, but i feel like their is bias between my real character and my sexual character i know they should be the same but unfortunately they are not

Anyone also suffers from this issues?

  • Am there too .. A bit different though that i had doubts or actually i knew am gay but wasnt so sure.. Getting married probably proved wt i never wanted to accept .. I still struggle to admit that am gay .. While being in reality someone respectable n progressive does seem to contradict with the real me who has such abnormal ' to me " fantasies .. I find difficulty revealing that even to maself .. Very few times that i talked abt them openly.. The bad thing abt the gay comninity though that it seems ' to the most i have seen ' to be all revolving around sex .. There is what leads to that , that could be more satisfying actually .. Hmm these r just thoughts!i always think that life could have veen easier if i wasnt really gay..

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    At least now u know u r gay, I am in the stage of refusing the idea of being gay, I only luv all fantasies even if it include some gay ones ... I am really confused, u know the problem is that u think alot of fantasies , dream of it, may be watch some porn stuff get u confused may be if we are so open to act in real life these thoughts may help us determine who we are ... I know some ppl who say I am not into girls I wont married but actually he didn't try gay sex before just watched it may be if he tried he would change his mind!

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    i dont exactly know what you mean, but if you ask me, you seem to have no preference for gender, but preference of genitals or sex life. maybe you are straight but you just like penetration, maybe you love women who are dominating. nowadays, men can receive penetration from women with the use of strap-ons or from pre-op trans women and still be straight. liking penetration does not necessarily make you gay, its just a matter of your gender preference. to simply put; do you like men? or do you like both genders?

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  • I don't think receiving penetration from a trans considered straight, however I agree e u abt it maybe only sex preference not gender preference

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