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anxiety and depression in LGTB parents

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Are there LGTB parents here?

we know that parenting is a difficult mission, and a lot has been said and studied about anxiety and depression in new parents, but very few efforts has been made to include the special characteristics of the LGTB community.
I'm a doctor, studying the subject and I believe medicine and society need to represent everybody.

if you are parents to children until the age of 4 please help me by filing the short ANONYMOUS questionnaire!

because it matters'

thank you!


  • I sent this to my mother

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  • Ohhh I thought this was about parents of LGBT kids in general and not LGBT parents themselves, nevermind. I don't know any LGBT parents, that would be rare here.

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  • hey there,
    thank you for your good intentions of helping out. I am indeed aware that it's a long shot but i thought i might give it a go. if you know about other platforms that can be platforms, i'd appreciate it alot if you share them with me.
    Also, I've read your personal post from today, and as a mental health specialist I assure you that jealousy is a healthy and legitimate feeling, and sometimes it can get torturing especially if we keep criticizing it. the key is to accept it and be curious about it.. wishing you much success and luck in your near future ventures. may curiousity and passion guide you through personal development.

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